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We are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet our clients' specific needs.

Software development

We specialize in comprehensive software development, including project management, business analysis, web and application development, integration, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

UX/UI design

We enhance user experiences and drive business growth with our skilled designers, creating user-friendly interfaces that align with your brand and goals.

Data analytics

We provide technology solutions for storing, analyzing, and reporting company data, along with expert consulting and development services to help you achieve your business goals.

RPA development

We provide custom RPA development services to automate repetitive tasks, boost efficiency, and cut costs. Transform your workflows with our innovative robotic process automation solutions.

AI, ML development

We offer AI and ML development, creating conversational and knowledge-based bots. Our services include text summarization, news briefs, keyword extraction, categorization, and scoring systems like customer and credit scoring.

POS, ECR development

Specializing in POS and ECR development, we offer cutting-edge solutions for businesses in Mongolia. Our services include support for all local QR payment solutions and various card brands like MC, Visa, UPI, Amex, T-card, and JCB. We also provide VAT receipt generation, ECR integration, and flexible cloud and on-premises TMS solutions.

Our clients in Mongolia

Projects we worked on

Delivering high quality products and services is a top priority for us.


Payment solution


Comprehensive Platform for Personalized Healthy Eating Plans

Web development

Investment company's website

Software development

Customized Surveillance System for a Major bank in Mongolia

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